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  • Blue Angels Soar Over Annapolis
    Over the Annapolis Harbor and Severn River, the flight squadron put on another amazing show!
  • Striped Bass Season Opens: Sunrise Seekers Awaken
    Striped bass season opens, heralding early-rising anglers hoping to catch more than an epic sunrise
  • Mild, Then Hot Spring Fishing
    Has the shad run in Central Maryland started cooling off or is it firing on all cylinders? A week’s worth of fishing gives us some answers
  • Shad Fishing Slam
    The upper Patuxent River continues to offer a glimpse of how well the shad runs have been this spring throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed
  • Perch Jerkin’
    A reliable technique for catching white perch comes into play during a gorgeous morning on the Severn River
  • Charter Fishing 101
    Need to know intel and tips to have a great charter experience; plus our list of captains from the Bay to the beaches

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Today, the Anne Arundel County Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration, the City of Annapolis, and the Chesapeake Bay Trust announce over $1.3 million in funding awarded to 11 community projects that focus on environmental restoration and protection. Full details >>> https://cbtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Press-Release-June-2024-Anne-Arundel-Watershed-Restoration-Grant.pdf
ICYMI the @theigfa has updated it's largemouth bass categories and records, including the introduction of "Alabama Bass" as a new species eligible for line class and tippet class records. Read more >>> https://igfa.org/2024/06/13/igfa-announces-changes-to-bass-records-following-newly-published-findings/
Arundel Rivers' "June Riverkeeper Report" was published today. Includes updates on SAV restoration (and seed harvesting, which is pretty cool), water quality and temps, and bacteria testing >>> https://arundelrivers.org/7138-2/
Dads and daughters take note---the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation has launched a new Take Me Fishing video campaign to encourage these angling duos to reconnect on the water >>> https://rb.gy/1u21xw
ASMFC just posted their May/June Fisheries Focus newsletter (pdf) online. Worth reading through for spot updates from the organization >>> https://www.asmfc.org/uploads/file/66687828FishFocusMayJune2024.pdf