Reel Chesapeake is a fishing/adventure blog created in January 2022 by James Houck, lifetime Annapolitan, avid angler, and media professional. Reel Chesapeake is a passion project; an online silo and social site to share fishing adventures, insights, and general information about the local angling scene, as well as the outdoors, culture, and communities of the Chesapeake Bay region. Here, you’ll find weekly reporting of fishing adventures (what went right or wrong and how-tos), photography, resources to help you grow as a Chesapeake Bay region angler, event listings, angling news, and occasional chatter about the scene.

Adventures showcase regional destinations, excursions, weekend getaways, and more for travelling anglers, adventurous families, and anyone looking to get outdoors!

Reports highlight daily/weekly observations about what’s biting and where, as well as specific outings to fish for varying species throughout the watershed, written with play-by-play and color commentary, along with photography. I also include descriptions and links to the gear, lures, tackle I use during each outing.

News and Events include—you guessed it—news and event information from local organizations, the angling community, and public agencies.

Charters has our ever-growing list of regional charter captains and guides at the ready to take you on your next fishing trip.

Resources is a compendium of intel-specific pieces—maps, data points, boat ramp locations, regulations, etc.—that altogether can help you, the angler, prepare for the best trip on the water.

Tactics puts the spotlight on the presentations, tackle, and gear that help make each outing a success. My preferences, how-tos, and more are featured here.

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See y’all on the water again, real soon!